The Gloves:

We understand that every project is different. You could be making a quick delivery, fixing a busted pipe, rebuilding a motor, or even cleaning the yard. The list could cover your work bench, but your gloves shouldn't. That is why we chose to provide you with the NiTex P-200. 

With its tough nylon material and revolutionary nitrile-foam coating, the NiTex P-200 is your go to glove for any project. It will withstand your daily workload while giving you the tactile sensitivity to conduct even the most delicate of tasks. Get a glove that lasts, get the NiTex P-200.

The Company (AG):

Advanced Gloves (AG) was founded on the idea that your hands are your greatest tools. That is why AG invested time and money on using technological innovations to create a rubber-coating that increased durability and overall productivity. 

The Site:

NitexGloves.com has been selling the NiTex P-200 for over 12 years, under the name of ABC Glove Company. Although our online store has changed, our commitment to quality customer service and top-notch gloves have not. 

We are as committed to our customers as ever and look forward to spending another 5 years providing you access to the best general work glove on the market today. 


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