The NiTex P-200: The Best Glove You Will Ever Try

Here at we have been given the outstanding opportunity to sell you, our customers, the NiTex P-200. We were so stoked about these gloves that we even named our website after them. But you must be wondering why these gloves are so great, which is why we made this post. Follow along and see why the NiTex P-200’s fit, durability and breathability make it the best glove on the market.

Outstanding Tactile Sensitivity:


Now a lot of you might just look around for a glove that has a good fit, but have you ever tried a truly fitted glove? The NiTex P-200, as you might have guessed, fits like a wetsuit made for your hands. The high quality nylon hugs your fingers, allowing for you to feel what you’re doing while maintaining the freedom you need to do it right. This will keep you working hard, while limiting the number of times you need to pull your gloves off (this means higher productivity!).

Unmatched Breathability:

Unlike most rubber-dipped gloves, the NiTex P-200 is made using a special chemical process that allows for your hands to breathe through the nitrile-foam coating. You can use it without worrying about sweat getting trapped in the glove, effectively decreasing blisters and odor buildup. Even if they do start to smell, you can throw them into the washer without turning the coating into crust. It’s not the most glamorous technological advance, but it sure is handy. 

Long-Lasting Durability:

High-quality nylon and an advanced nitrile-foam coating not only make the NiTex P-200 comfortable to wear but long-lasting as well. Since moisture is able to escape the clutches of the rubber coating, the gloves never get crusty and peel off, allowing for the P-200 to last two to three times longer than other competing gloves. It has even been rumored that a certain warehouse worker has used the same glove for almost two years, with minimal use of course.

In Conclusion:

We can write about this all we want, but nothing will ever beat the real deal. Give these gloves a try and see why they’re considered one of the best gloves on the market. Feel the tactile sensitivity, enjoy the durability and breathability. 

Posted on December 11, 2014 and filed under Our Gloves.